играть resident evil 5 hamachi

Resident Evil 5 like its predecessors reflects the spirit of co-op gameplay. So the game is obviously more enjoyable when you play it with your partner rather than an AI.

Following is the guide to play Resident Evil 5 with your friends online using Tunngle or Hamachi.

Step 1You need to download a registry fix made by “Tekno Gods”. The fix contains a loader and two registry files, one is for Hamachi and other is for Tunngle.

Step 2You can extract these files any where in your hard drive.

After the extraction is complete, double click the respective registry file i.e if you are a Hacmachi user use “Connection Override Hamachi” and if you are a Tunngle user than use the other file named “Connection Override Tunngle”.

It is recommended that you restart your system after this.

Step 3The one who wants to host should launch Resident Evil 5 and host the game.

Host does not need to do anything else, not even use the “DLL loader”.

Step 4Those who want to connect to a hosted game need to minimize their game by pressing “Alt Tab” key and start the Tekno Gods loader(DLLLoad) file present in the files you unzipped earlier.

You can also start the loader first and then launch the game but I will suggest that you do it afterward by minimizing your game. When you have found the game, press F12 (for ping override) and you will hear “working”, join the game.

Once you are in lobby, press F12 second time and you’ll hear “transfer complete”.

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